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  • Gifted Rocks! Summer Camp

    This summer camp provides an opportunity for students who are identified gifted to participate in a summer camp designed specifically for their needs. Gifted students will benefit from the time spent with their intellectual peers in these fun and intellectually engaging courses created and run by gifted-trained teachers. DVUSD students and non-DVUSD students are welcome to attend; a report with gifted scores is required. Gifted identification requires a psychologist's report or CogAT scores. Documentaion showing at least a score at the 90th percentile or higher in an approved area is required for participation. Students in middle school Advanced Courses or Honors Courses, as well as siblings of gifted students are also welcome to attend. DVUSD Students: We will verify gifted identification for students who are enrolled in a DVUSD school after you enroll. If your child is identified gifted and participates (or previously participated) in a gifted cluster, SAGE, or Renaissance, you are qualified to register now. Non-DVUSD Students (home-schooled, charter, or private schools): Parents enrolling students who are not enrolled in a DVUSD school will need to provide gifted identification scores. Send documentation to for approval prior to enrolling in Gifted Rocks. Please note that academic achievement scores and report cards are not gifted identification. Students will be grouped by grade level and will experience the following 4 course areas of study: Gardening Gurus (Ms. Paul) - Students will learn what it truly takes to be a successful gardener. Students will create and design garden spaces, learning the importance of soil, seeds, creatures, and compost. Students will then take that knowledge and create sustainable hydroponic gardens of their own. Readers Theatre Drama (Mrs. Elam) - Let's find your inner actor/actress and get creative with some reader's theater activities. Students will have the opportunity to practice reading and performing in front of their peers and making characters from short plays come alive. Coding (Mr. Murray) - What is coding? Coding, sometimes called computer programming, is how we communicate with computers. Code tells a computer what actions to take, and writing code is like creating a set of instructions. By learning to write code, you can tell computers what to do or how to perform a function. This course is designed to demystify coding and show that anybody can learn the basics! Science Experiments (Ms. Powell) - We will be exploring the world of science! As a group, we will brainstorm different hypothesizes, conduct experiments, and record the end results. Was the end result what we expected? Or was it something completely different? Students will be challenged in a safe and fun learning environment, pushing them to think outside of the box, all while having fun. Please remember to bring a sack lunch, as lunch is not included. Questions? Please email