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  • PSAT/SAT Test Preparation - ONLINE Webinar

    Sycamore Learning Company’s Prep for the Future ONLINE webinars teach students proven methods to successfully raise their SAT scores. These specially designed 5 hour seminars offer students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the upcoming college tests and develop a personalized game plan to maximize their scores. Each student will receive a 650 page study guide full of tips and strategies and full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations. NOTE: There will be 5 hours of online instruction, along with a total of 1 hour of breaks given.
  • SAT Boot Camp - ONLINE

    Students can utilize this specially designed online camp to get on track and jump ahead of other students on their upcoming tests. Our programs were designed by Sycamore Learning Company’s founder who is a 15-year expert in the field of ACT and SAT test preparation and a graduate of Princeton University who also holds an MBA from Emory University. During the training camp, students receive personalized instruction on each subject of the test, including the essay portion of the exam. The camp allows for a much more extensive look at each subject that is offered on the test. In addition, the instructor will meet one-on-one and review the final diagnostic test with students in order to develop a personalized study plan. What's Included? Our SAT Boot Camp includes a 650-page study guide filled with tips and strategies to aid in the improvement of test scores, as well as continued online support over the summer as students work through their studies.