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  • Athletes In Training (AIT) - WATER GAMES

    Featured Sport: WATER GAMES Dress to get soaked as we play sports and the wackiest water games in town! Join your friends for Bucket Brigade, Exterminator, Around the World, Fire, Water Baseball and more. Don't forget to wear sunscreen, bring a drink, and wear shoes and clothes that can get wet. Bring a change of clothes, if needed. Meet friends, stay fit, and splash the day away with AIT Water Games. Please make sure your children are dressed in athletic, comfortable clothing and shoes that can get soaked. We take plenty of water breaks, but it is nice for them to have a water bottle, rather than heading to the outside fountain. Please send water with your child, as fountains may not be available. Children attending After Care may want to bring a towel or a change of clothes. This session is meant to give kids a chance to have some fun and relax as they finish up their busy school year. Get in the game with AIT! Athletes In Training Sports Club provides boys & girls the opportunity to participate in multiple sports with friends, right after school and right on campus! We believe that keeping sports fun encourages children to stay active and to keep playing sports throughout their childhood while improving self confidence, skills, and nourishing their brains for better academic performance. Our energetic and fun coaches teach children a new sport each session, through fun skill activities and weekly scrimmages with teammates. Join AIT Sports Club for a session or stay active with us all year, as we play such sports as Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball and everyone's favorite… Water Games! Come join the fun!