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  • Art Rocks!

    This summer camp will focus on improving drawing and painting abilities in different medias and subject matters, along with creating various three dimensional (3-D) art projects. Students will participate in drawing nature, animals, still life, landscapes, portraits, abstract, and non-objective subjects.  The goal is to bring out each student's own style and creativity while improving their artistic abilities.  Lessons will be adjusted for each student's age and abilities. Supplies, t-shirt, and field trip included.
  • Art Rocks! - Pre AP Drawing

    This summer camp will focus on preparing students for AP Studio Art by improving drawing in different medias with an emphasis on life drawing, working from observation, rendering interiors, and other skills required for a successful AP portfolio.  The goal is to bring out each student’s style and creativity, referred to as “voice” in the AP rubric, while improving their artistic abilities. These skills will improve the student’s ability to successfully express their own, personal concepts and ideas visually in a variety of ways and medias. The AP exam, or portfolio, requires strong work with all of these attributes.  Supplies are included.