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  • SENG Model Parent Group

    SENG Model Parent Groups (SMPGs) are structured to bring together10-16 interested parents of gifted and talented children to discusssuch topics as motivation, discipline, stress management, and peer re-lationships.The co-facilitators of the group, though they are knowledgeable aboutparenting and about educating gifted/talented children, do not at-tempt to give expert advice to families. Instead their facilitation pro-vides a nonjudgmental and nurturing atmosphere. The parents of high-ability children are themselves a rich resource for information, and par-ticipants get fresh ideas from other parents. The group discussions arealso based around the book A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children, byJames Webb.  The book is included in the registration price. Groups meet weekly for 6 weeks.$85 per parent - $60 for second parent (sharing a book)Second parent discount will be applied at checkout.